Starling works on a range of projects including positioning, cultural trends, futures, innovation, target / tribe exploration.

"Starling are the catalyst for some of our most important conversations. They articulate the new narratives and possibilities in such a thoughtful, evidenced, compelling way. They do the homework and expand our minds well beyond what we could do, and are always helping us move towards a progressive and more relevant space. Thank you Annie and Adam. We are so grateful to have you as thought partners."

Director at Nike, World Headquarters

“We don’t just want our brands to exist on the pulse of modern British culture, we want them to actively shape it. The only way we can do this is to deeply understand the changing cultural landscape people are swimming through. Starling help us massively here. Not only do they have the tools and smarts to pinpoint and contextualise the forefront of culture, they do it in a really precise and practical way, serving up the emerging needs ready and waiting to hook into.”

Elle Atton, Consumer Insights Lead, Walkers

“It’s very rare to be given insights that are genuinely insightful and not just bleedin’ obvious truisms but you gave us genuine insights - and the client was clearly impressed because we won the pitch. Thanks so much again.”

Sarah Carter, Global Planning Partner, adam&eveDDB

“Having worked with Starling for the last seven years I find their approach refreshing, inspiring and perspective shifting. I have partnered with Starling in recent years to build culturally led consumer stories in our organisation. Starling really listen to the business questions, they bring real clarity to cultural tensions in society and provide fresh, inspiring stories which stick.”

Laura Barber, Director Insights & Analytics, PepsiCo West Europe

“We were lucky enough to work with Starling on the pilot of cross gender mentoring programme, The Exchange: a cultural experiment in the advertising industry, and we couldn’t have hoped for more insightful, strategic partners.
Annie and Adam brought to light powerful insights which they articulated with poetic rigour. We have used their language to define the pillars of our 2020/21 programme.
Starling brilliantly presented their findings at our annual conference. We can not thank them enough for their commitment to and impact on the success of the pilot.”

Victoria Brooks, Vice President, Bloom 2019

“Having worked with Annie now for about 10 years I've always found and valued how she brings real insight and intellect to the table in a fresh and unexpected way to the planning process. Now she has teamed up with Adam and founded Starling what you get is much more than a trends agency but valuable brand strategy. A team who really understand business needs, client culture and implications helping us work out with clients what brands should do.”

Caroline Yates, Head of Planning on CTM VCCP Blue

“I’ve worked with Annie and Adam on multiple thought-leadership brand projects, each designed to generate global editorial coverage. They have an innate understanding of how to identify and package culturally relevant trends, striking the perfect balance between brand messages and cultural insight in their work.”

Natalie Perfitt, Group Account Director, Exposure Comms

"Working with Starling has proved to be a really rewarding and collaborative experience. Annie and Adam always suggest new ways of thinking about a project, and reflect back our challenges and opportunities with clarity. For all of our work with them so far, they have delivered strategic frameworks and sharpened perspectives which continue to lead us to new opportunities. In my experience, Starling bring imagination and intelligence, as well as insight from across many different categories, to every project - and they are hugely enjoyable to work with, too.”

Charlotte Williams, Senior Brand Manager, Pan Macmillan

“When we reached out to Starling we were looking for a partner that could really challenge our thinking and bring a completely new perspective. We were not disappointed. Not only did they provide us with a completely new lens for understanding the category, they were able to translate big ideas into tangible actions.”

Abigail Stuart, Head of Healthcare, Hall & Partners

“Over several years, and working on a whole kaleidoscope of projects, I have found Adam and Annie to have a firm grip on the major societal changes (and challenges) of our time. Their ability to take academic research, interpret it, translate it, and unearth its relevance in the context of business focused challenges is exceptional. And it works – it means that they don’t simply follow the trends but they question and interrogate them to provide a sharp and clear vision of cultural change, diversity and also cultural stickiness. As an academic it’s exciting to see how insights from the latest research can be put to use. If you want unique perspectives that fully engage with the major cultural changes of contemporary societies tailored to the specific challenges of your business then you should look no further”

Professor Dale Southerton, University of Manchester

"Adam and Annie’s work sizzles with the kind of intelligence that brings out the best in you. An hour spent reading and absorbing it is not only the best hour of your week, it also gives you a full gym workout for the brain."

Paul Edwards, former CEO, Lowe UK and The Henley Centre